Flats Service s.r.l., created in January 2000, offers precision manufacturing services, i.e. high-speed cutting and precision cutting of both steel and aluminium blocks that are used in building valve bodies and special blocks for hydraulic industry.

Flats Service s.r.l. provides its customers with a cut, chamfered, milled to size and marked block, which will be shipped on its own pallet. In order to offer this kind of service, Flats Service s.r.l. installed a high-performance cutting line that includes both band and disc saw machines.

Flats Service s.r.l. offers a great variety of stock Leaded free-cutting steel bars (11SMnPb30 / 11SmnPb37 UNI EN 10277-3 2018) – flat and square – both drawn and machined.
Moreover, Flats Service s.r.l. stock materials include a great variety of flat and square bars in both Aluminium alloy 2011 EN AW (AlCu6BiPb UNI EN 573-3) and Aluminium alloy 7020 EN AW (AlZn4,5Mg1 UNI EN 573-3).

In 2013, Flats Service s.r.l. installed a shot/sand blasting system in order to properly clean the surface of cut blocks. This shot/sand blasting activity allows to visually check every single cut block and discard the block presenting surface cracks and imperfections.

In order to meet any kind of need, Flats Service s.r.l. supplies cut blocks in other kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous materials at the customer’s request.

Thanks to its long experience in hydraulic industry, Flats Service s.r.l. has acquired a considerable client portfolio by meeting the requirements of Companies that are leaders in the production of valve bodies and special blocks for hydraulic industry.

In 2012, Flats Service s.r.l. has been awarded with UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification.

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